What are the different types of modeling?

Fashion: These are the models that walk the runway in fashion shows and appear in the fashion magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Elle. In the U.S., most of this takes place in New York. Certainly most markets have a small amount of fashion happening – but New York City is the fashion capital of the United States. Fashion models account for an extremely small percentage of the total model population in the industry.

Commercial: This is the biggest modeling category and the one most often overlooked and misunderstood by young models. Commercial models appear in ads, packaging, billboards, and magazine articles for everything from medicine to insurance, from work out equipment to office equipment. This is a category where personality and the ability to show different expressions are equally important as looks. While some are beautiful or handsome – most successful commercial models look like everyday people.

Promotional: Promotions are how many models actually make a living. Promotional modeling ranges from being hired to hand out free samples of products to staffing trade show booths in large convention halls. This is a category that rarely involves being photographed and is very much about your personality and ability to interact with people.

Glamour: Certainly not for everyone – but if you are comfortable with your body and certainly – of legal age – glamour modeling can range anywhere from calendar girl to swimwear catalog model.

What exactly does Orange Model Management do?

Orange models is a “management agency”. WE REPRESENT YOU. If you are an amateur, we may manage you. Please realize that we MUST be honest with you. We cannot possibly work with everyone that we see. If you need better marketing tools, we provide that best in this business. If you are a professional, we BOOK you for jobs via our offices in Toronto and Montreal.

How do I send in pictures? Does each picture get reviewed?

Please email your pictures to newfaces@orangemodels.ca or mail them to one of the offices near you. Each picture is reviewed by an OMM Inc. agent.

Orange Model Management Inc.
487 Adelaide Street West, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario – M5V 1T4, Canada.

Orange Model Management Inc.
1155 W René-Lévesque Blvd, Suite 2500
Montreal (Qc) H3B 2K4, Canada

How can I book a model for a job?

Please call us at Toronto: 416.977.6664 or Montreal: 514.284.6664 or email bookings@orangemodels.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

What should I wear for an interview?

Dress professionally. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Actors, real people models and commercial modeling applicants: Dress to impress, business casual. High fashion and catalogue modeling applicants Ladies, please wear high heels, wear no makeup and bring your hair up in a pony tail. Male high fashion and catalogue modeling applicants please be prepared to take your shirt off and show your walk.

What if I have NO experience?

Don’t worry- we regularly interview industry professionals as well as novices. If OMM Inc. determines that you have what it takes to work with us, we will assist you with your basic presentation skills and the organization of your portfolio, composite cards, acting headshots and resume. If you already have them, even better, we can start bookings immediately.

Can OMM Inc. guarantee that I will work as a model or talent?

NO! There are no guarantees in this business. We assist and market our models for gigs and auditions, our clients decide whether a particular model or talent is suitable for that job or not.

How long does the interview take?

Plan on being at the office for at least half an hour.

Does an interview cost me any money?

Absolutely not! Like any other industry, you should NEVER be charged for an interview.

Does OMM Inc. pay for new talent development, pictures, headshots/composite cards or resume?

Generally, NO, we are not looking for people that have the attitude of, “if you like me you will do everything for me.” This business is competitive and comes with no promises or guarantees. However, if OMM Inc. sees potential in you, they may cover the cost of the portfolio and or administrative fees.

How long will it take before I am making money?

Days, Weeks, Months? There are no guarantees at all – getting signed by an agency is only half the battle. Once you are signed – it can often take a while for an agency to start aggressively promoting you. You need to stay in touch with them – call them at least once every two weeks – just to check in and remind them that you are anxious for work.

Should I bring anything with me for my interview?

YES, a positive attitude! If you are a professional, bring your portfolio, resume, headshots and composite cards. If you are a beginner bring two recent snapshots. One picture should be a headshot and the other a body shot that shows us what shape you are in. These can be simple photographs taken by a friend- nothing professional. Please keep in mind these photos might NOT be returned. Also you might be asked to show your identification.

How soon can I expect to get work? Or how come I’m not getting any work?

Have you ever watched biographies on your favorite TV and movie stars or seen them talk shows or award shows? Do you think these people became stars overnight? Most of your favorite celebrities worked hard and for almost no money for many years before getting that big break. Getting work in this industry depends on a wide variety of things. How much experience does someone have, how busy is the industry are you what casting directors are looking for at the moment, do you have the knowledge to land the part or booking when you get that audition or go see?

#1 – We do not give people auditions. It is the agency’s responsibility to submit your pictures to casting directors and clients for work that may be coming up. It is then up to the casting director to call us with who they would like to see.

#2- To get an audition is an amazing opportunity! You have to remember that in order to get that audition you have just been selected over thousands of other people to go in and meet with that client or casting director.

#3- If you get an audition SHOW UP! DO NOT BE LATE! Casting directors work very hard to have everyone scheduled in at appropriate times. You also may have to audition with other people. If you are late chances are casting directors will not see you. It is not tolerated in this business. Time is money! This is not the first impression you want to make on someone who has the power to give you a job.

#4- Once you get that audition it is up to you to land that booking.

Once I am signed what are my responsibilities.

Your main responsibility is to attend every casting. Auditions are a privilege not an option and they are your key to succeeding in the business. Make sure to keep in touch with your agent – you MUST call or email them once every month just to touch base.

I am unable to submit information through the “Become A Model” Link?

Sometimes it is difficult to submit information online due to browser settings or due to the security constraints from the ISP’s, please email your contact info and pictures to info@orangemodels.ca.

When can I expect payment for a job I did?

Approximately 3 to 4 months. Reason for the length is because once a job is completed we must invoice the client. Then they must invoice their client and then it must travel all the way back down. So by the time all of this happens it is approximately 3 to 4 months. Paydays are on the 15th and 30th of every month. You must call in to see if payment has arrived. Cheques must be picked up in person unless otherwise requested.

Do I need to spend lots of money to be a model in Canada?

Models are self employed and work as independent contractors. You are starting your own business, therefore like any business you must invest for your business to succeed.

Do I need to take classes to be a model?

Absolutely not! Certainly if you are tall enough and intend to be doing runway work – it is helpful to take a workshop to learn how to work the catwalk – but you don’t need to attend a so-called “modeling school”.

Do keep in mind that a commercial model needs to be able to act. Acting lessons or workshops can be very helpful in teaching you how to express emotions in front of the camera.

When do you have open call?

Every Wednesday between 3 -5 pm. Please bring clear snapshots of yourself. Do not wear make-up. Professional photos are not required.

If you are unable to attend our open call please submit a few snapshots of yourself to newfaces@orangemodels.ca.

I am a photographer / producer/ casting director how can I view Orange Model Management’s roster?

Please email your project details and contact info to bookings@orangemodels.ca and we would be happy to send you our model package.

I would like to book your model what are your terms and conditions?

To view our bookings terms and conditions please CLICK HERE.

What does “Booking out” mean?

“Booking Out” is a term we use when you the model/talent calls the agency to inform us that you will be unavailable from X date to X date. Please be sure to tell us in advance of when you will be unavailable. Do not contact us the night before as we may have already submitted you for a possible job. This is a business and our role is to submit and promote the appropriate people to casting directors and clients to get you that audition /go see. If you can’t make that audition/go see you have taken away that spot from someone else. We then have to call the casting director or client with a regret. By doing this, it can potentially give the agency a bad name among casting directors and can therefore affect the entire roster.

Orange Models – FAQ’s and Scam/ Rip-off Prevention Advice

Legitimate agencies make their money by taking a percentage from models and clients off the work they book. Agencies make 40% to 50 % of each booking. As a standard – many agencies take 20% to 30% from the model (commission) and another 20% from the client (agency fee). That is how an agency makes their money!

Many prospective models are confused by mixed messages in the industry on what to look out for to prevent them from a scam. Orange Model Management has been in business for more than 6 years and has established itself as one of Canada’s most prestigious modeling and acting agency. Orange Models has posted some information in order to clarify any concerns about what to avoid staying away from scams. For more details on Orange Models Scam Prevention please follow this link to the Orange Models Scam/ Rip off Prevention page.

Do you discriminate based on the enumerated ground of the human rights code?

Our organization respects and follows the letter and spirit of the Ontario human rights code. We support and protect the dignity and worth of everyone. We provide equal rights and opportunity for all employees, clients, volunteers, model/talent(s) and parents.

Having said that, we are limited in securing work for our model/talent(s) based on the way our clients / industry works (i.e. casting directors, advertisers etc).